Photo of Ade with his bike

Riding 60 Miles a Day... Every Day

This challenge is all about raising awareness of chronic pain, how some activities can help people manage their chronic pain, and to raise at least £2100 for the charity Pain Concern. However, it's also a personal challenge for me as, although I am used to riding long distances, in one day events, I have never attempted to ride for this many consecutive days before.

It's going to be tough; both mentally and physically!

The Timeframe

The basic premise of the challenge is to ride my bike every day for twenty-one consecutive days between Monday the 30th of Apil 2018 and Sunday the 20th of May 2018. However, there may be days when this is not advisable or even possible. If, for any of the following reasons, I cannot ride on a particular day I will endeavour to make up the deficit on other days within the overall timeframe:

  • Severe weather, which makes cycling too dangerous
    (such as heavy snow or gale-force winds).
  • Illness
    (something more than just a cold likes!).
  • Injury
    (we're talking something which h'actually prevents me from geting on my bike and pedalling).

The Distance

The distance I will cover during the challenge is 2100 kilometres (just over 1,300 miles).

That's 100km (60 miles) every day... for 21 Days Oooft!!

The Bike

If there's one thing my wife will tell you about me (other than I love to faff!) is that I never make things easy for myself. So, instead of taking the easy option and choosing a bike with gears to ride for the challenge, I chose my favourite. You know, the one with no gears. Oh, and no freewheel! I'll be riding my fixie for the entire twenty-one days.

A fixie (or fixed-wheel bicycle) has no freewheel. Therefore, if you stop pedalling, like you can on most bikes, the back wheel stops turning. If you pedal backwards, the back wheel turns the other way and you go backwards. So, if you stop pedalling (or forget that you can't freewheel) at speed you usually get thrown over the handlebars. Or at best the pedals keep turning, you lose control and end up in the nearest hedge! Let's just say; going down steep hills is a bit scary!

My fixie was bought for me by my family for my fortieth birthday and she's the bike that I've covered the most distance on. I have a couple of others, but she's my favourite. Having worn out the wheels, headset, several bottom brackets, quite a few chains and the entire drivetrain, there's not much left of the original bike. She leans to the right when I take my hands off the bars, but nobody's perfect and I love her all the same.

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